Hand Wired Strange Amp (Tube 5W)


Hand Wired Strange Amp (Tube 5W)


Small and powerful: 30x30x25cm, 10″ speaker

  • Vintage tweed design (vinyl tolex) with leather handle
  • Solid state rectifier
  • 12AX7 preamp tube provides two stages of preamp gain.
  • EL84 power tube in Class A, single ended configuration provides a very loud 5 watts of output power.
  • Single knob tone control.
    FAT Switch for sharper sound.
  • Single knob gain control increases the amps volume while increasing the amount of overdrive. It doesn’t get a pristine clean tone or a raging death metal tone, but occupies that warm territory in between. Use the amp with a distortion pedal for added flexibility, or use the volume knob on your guitar to vary the amount of power-tube overdrive.
  • Standard Chassis in tweed design (vinyl tweed tolex) 30cm width and 24 cm depth.
  • 8” (20cm) Jensen speaker (CH8/35) 8 Ohm.
  • Single input jack.
  • 220-230V EU or Swiss plug.
  • Low noise chassis grounding (star to linear ground wire path). Safety AC grounding.
  • Safe solid state rectifier with extra big capacitors (3x47uF 450V).
  • Vintage wiring style (fender style board with eyelets).
  • Up to 14 days lead time when in backorder

    Disclaimer: Since the tube components, such as tubes and tube sockets, do not comply with today’s safety standards (DIN, CE), it is not possible to have the device CE marked. This device is sold as a specific individual made item and is not subject to general product liability or product laws.

The buyer agrees to our declaration and safety instructions.

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Hand wired – Single ended 5W – Gig amp

The Strange Amp SE1-8 (8” Speaker) is a simple tube amp modeled after the classic small guitar amps of the 50’s and 60’s. This is a fairly typical design that resembles entry level amps of these times. Loads of tone with 5W of power. Although it is a practice amp, you can certainly mic it and use it in a gig. The tone is warm and round. With the FAT switch the tone can be sharped up.

Possible options on request (1-3 weeks lead time, ask for price)

  • 12AU7 preamp tube (more “clean” tone, less overdrive possibilities)
  • Line-Out (1/4” Jack bottom plate)
  • Hi/lo input inputs (+1 1/4” Jack)
  • Effect loop (2 x 1/4” Jack bottom plate )
  • Headphone-Out (1/4” bottom plate or 3.5mm Jack front plate)
  • Bigger speaker and chassis:
    • Amp SE1-10b, 10” speaker (Jensen) chassis 33cm width and 25cm depth
    • Amp SE1-12, 12” speaker (Jensen) chassis 40cm width and 28cm depth
  • Other tolex colors or artificial leather (e.g. crocodile, python, etc. effect).
    Ask for pictures or send us an example. We find it. (price on request)

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 25 × 33 × 33 cm