The other types of guitars

 Tin-box, cigar-box guitars and vintage tube amps. Handcrafted in Switzerland

That’s the guitar they don’t have yet! We have been inspired by the designs of canjos, cigar box guitars, stompboxes and township oilcan guitars and have made a special instrument: Guitars that consists of tin or wooden boxes. Compact and portable.

All main parts are handmade or reworked in Switzerland! Our guitars are 6-sided and great to play.

Despite the tin box sound, the sound quality of the tin box guitars is as good as a normal premium or custom guitar. This guitar takes up almost half the space of a normal single or double cut guitar.

The sound body is made of spruce to spring the metallic high tones. Neck and other parts are made of beech wood. Check out our build process

Our Mad Dog guitar, on the other hand, is a transformation artist. From the hard metallic sound of a piezo pickup – mounted under a dog bowl – to the soft humbucker tone.

In between almost all tones can be produced.

Like the Tin-Box, this guitar has a good neck and is very compact. It is also unplugged playable even if not as loud as an acoustic guitar.

The sound body is made of sea spruce is a tea box. Neck mount and other parts are made of beech wood.

We do not use packaging from the tobacco industry as a matter of principle, so no real cigar boxes are used.

New are our Vintage Tweed tube amplifiers. These are handmade and offer loud 5W tube sound.

The wiring is classic and there is no modern electronics ….except where safety is important.

These small amplifiers have a great sound and can be used in many ways.

Handcrafted in Switzerald!